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June 2010

Zhone Introduces 18 New ONTs for GPON and GigE

Zhone Technologies Inc., provider of network access solutions for fiber, copper, and wireless broadband infrastructures, has introduced 18 new zNID optical network terminals (ONTs) for GPON and Active Ethernet deployments. [...]

du Selects Zhone

Zhone Technologies (News - Alert), Inc., a well known international provider of network access solutions for fiber, copper and wireless broadband infrastructures, recently announced that du, an integrated telecom service provider in the UAE, has chosen Zhone’s Multiple Access Line Concentrator (MALC) Multi-service Access Node. Their main intention is to deliver a wide range of highly advanced IP access services to its large number of fixed access customers. The services include voice, Ethernet i... [...]

May 2010

The Business Case for EFM

A strong case for launching EFM services can be made for each of three broad classes of operators: incumbent telephone companies, alternative carriers (or CLECs in the US), and custom network service operators. The cases for each differ in their particulars, but the net result is the same in all three segments: deploying EFM is a very financially attractive concept. We’ll look at each situation in turn. [...]

April 2010

January 2010

Salisbury, NC progresses with its municipal FTTH deployment

Salisbury, NC's dreams of transforming itself into a so-called 'smart city' with a Fiber to the Home (FTTH) network deployment took two big steps this week as the city revealed that it has employed Ericsson for IPTV services and Zhone for next-gen PON equipment. [...]

Salisbury, NC Proceeds with FTTH Build Beats back Time Warner Cable, brings in Ericsson and Zhone

Incumbent phone and cable companies have spent years successfully lobbying state lawmakers to pass laws banning towns and cities from wiring themselves -- even in cases where incumbents wouldn't. The laws, usually written by incumbent lawyers, were passed in more than a dozen states without much public debate -- though momentum slowed in recent years due to media attention and consumer advocacy opposition. [...]

December 2009

Zhone Tackles Mobile Backhaul

Zhone Technologies has introduced its ETHX 3100 series with Pseudowire Emulation Edge-to-Edge (PWE3), enabling operators to migrate TDM applications onto a converged packet network for simpler network management and immediate opex savings. [...]

October 2009

September 2009

Who Makes What: RFoG Systems

This month we're taking a rest from trying to nail down immense technologies involving scores of vendors across a range of subsectors, such as in Who Makes What: 40- & 100-Gbit/s Systems and Who Makes What: LTE Equipment. [...]

June 2009

MXK FTTX Platform Enters the Terabit Zhone

Zhone Technologies Inc. (ZHNE) announced a new addition to its multiservice access platform family designed to handle escalating traffic volume. The new MXK platforms feature non-blocking capacity of up to 3,600 100mbps GPON subscribers or 360 1gbps Active Ethernet subscribers per chassis and is upgradeable to 1 Terabyte switching capacity by uplink replacement alone. [...]

Zhone Aims for Access Market Glory with New MXK Platform

Zhone announced its MXK intelligent Terabit access concentrator line, its newest addition to the company's family of carrier-class multi-service access platform (MSAP) products. The new MXK platforms feature non-blocking capacity of 20 Gbps per slot, supporting up to 3,600 x 100 Mbps GPON subscribers or 360 x 1 Gbps Active Ethernet subscribers per chassis, while leveraging Zhone's well-proven SLMS access operating system for sophisticated service intelligence and ease of management. [...]

April 2009

Zhone Says 'Buy American'

Expanding broadband services will help the U.S. with its economic recovery, but what if those services are delivered using telecom gear from -- gasp! -- the French or Chinese? How does that create jobs in the U.S.? [...]

October 2008

Smart Leaders: Daily details - How to build accountability without micromanaging

You might think that Mory Ejabat has too many jobs to pay attention to all the details. After all, Ejabat is co-founder, chairman, president and CEO of Zhone Technologies Inc. And while those titles imply a lot of responsibilities, Ejabat still makes it his top priority to always know what’s going on at Zhone, a global provider of advanced telecommunications equipment. [...]

September 2008

Fiber is Hanging at the Node and Neighborhood

Okay, I will admit it I am a bit jealous of my web editor Sam Bookman and her Verizon FiOS Fiber to the Home (FTTH) network connection. Living along the Interstate 95 highway in the town of Newton, Mass., Sam is one of the lucky few who can actually get FTTH service from Verizon. [...]

August 2008

Hardware Corner - Zhone Announces VDSL2, Bonded ADSL2+

Telcos hoping to skip the expense of fiber-to-the-home while still entering the video fray to exploit their copper as much as possible will get some help from Zhone Technologies, which announced support for video-friendly VDSL2 and bonded ADSL2+. The technologies will be strong options for telcos deploying fiber-to-the-node configurations that leverage copper. But network operators in that position probably will examine a number of different technology flavors, and they almost certainly will dep... [...]

Zhone Offers VDSL2, Bonded ADSL2+

Zhone Technologies unveiled new IP DSLAMs this week in accordance with the vendor’s strategy of using two technologies to help carriers offer advanced services over their current copper infrastructure: VDSL2 for short loops -- under 5,000 feet -- and bonded ADSL2+ for longer loops. [...]

Zhone Expands Copper's Boundaries

Extending an all fiber to the home (FTTH) network to every home may be the ultimate broadband dream, but in reality, most traditional service providers are taking a more prudent approach. [...]

Zhone Unwraps Higher Speed IP DSLAM Tandem

Aiming to help broadband service providers increase the speed and reach of their copper access networks, Zhone Technologies Inc. (ZHNE) today debuted two IP DSLAMs that support VDSL2 and ADSL2+ for single or bonded copper pairs. [...]

Springfield Michigan Launches Municipal Wi-Fi Service

The town of Springfield, Michigan (pop. 5000) began offering Wi-Fi service to its residents this week. Using a $750,000 grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corp., Springfield hired ACD to deploy the network throughout the municipality. ACD is using equipment from Zhone Technologies. [...]

July 2008

Zhone's Muni Wireless Solution

Zhone Technologies has crafted what it says is a solution to the problem of faltering municipal wireless networks -- add more wires; Most retired mobile phones are left in drawers instead of being recycled, according to a global survey conducted by cell-phone manufacturer Nokia. [...]

June 2008

Zhone Offers Telco Grade Muni Wi-Fi System

Just when you thought everyone’s given up on municipal wireless networks, here comes Zhone Technologies with “high capacity, multi-service” metro Wi-Fi equipment (called SkyZhone) which uses 802.11n, MIMO and best of all, integrated DSL backhaul and line powering. This means you can install a SkyZhone access point anywhere there is a DSL line, no separate power line needed. SkyZhone comes in standalone or combined configurations using the 2.4 GHz and 4.9 GHz frequencies so it can be used for con... [...]

Zhone Gives Metro Wi-Fi and Architectural Overhaul

Broadband access vendor Zhone Technologies is trying to do its part to revive the battered but possibly recovering municipal/metro wireless market. The company has developed a new metro-scale WiFi solution based on the 802.11n standard with multiple input/multiple output antennas and an integrated DSL backhaul architecture. MIMO is the en vogue technology contributing better signal reliability to all kinds of advanced wireless networks, so such a system could help boost the reputation of such ne... [...]

Line Driven "N" Muni-Fi

Zhone Technologies today introduced SkyZhone, a "802.11n" network platform for the metro Wi-Fi space. SkyZhone is designed to serve both licensed public-safety (4.9 GHz) and unlicensed (2.4 GHz) bands. [...]

Zhone Weaves Telecom Wares into Wi-Fi

Zhone Technologies is entering the wireless age. Traditionally the company makes everything from multiservice cabinets to carrier management software, but this week it announced its first Wi-Fi access points in a new product line called SkyZhone. [...]

Zhone Reviving Muni Wi-Fi

Don’t stop reading because you think you’ve heard this before, but Zhone Technologies thinks this time it really has the answer to municipal Wi-Fi. [...]

Zhone Aims to Revive Metro Wi-Fi

Hoping to redefine the struggling metro Wi-Fi space, multiservice access provider Zhone Technologies today officially launched SkyZhone, what it claims is the industry’s first metro Wi-Fi system designed to cost-effectively deliver high-capacity, high-reliability, multiservice networks. The platform uses 802.11n, an all-MIMO antenna architecture, integrated DSL backhaul and line powering to provide wireless coverage in metro Wi-Fi markets. [...]

NXTcomm Names Eos Awards Winners

Categories (Technology Innovation): ... Access Networking (Includes, but is not limited to, DSL, cable, wireless, various IP-based technologies and other technologies): ... FINALIST: Zhone Technologies for SkyZhone [...]

May 2008

MTS Allstream Selects Zhone's MALC

Canada's MTS Allstream will deploy Zhone's multi-access line concentrator (MALC) as a full-featured Multi-service access platform optimized for delivering voice and data services over its national network. [...]

Active Ethernet Grows in PON's Shadow

Point-to-point Ethernet fiber to the home, while often overlooked, is becoming more popular When it comes to fiber-to-the-home technology in North America, passive optical networks get all the attention. But FTTH based on active Ethernet technology is quietly growing more prevalent. [...]

April 2008

Broadband Penetrates the Badlands

If there is one word to describe Minot, N.D.-based SRT Telecom, it is "diverse." For one thing, SRT is a jack-of-all-trades carrier offering everything from basic POTS to residential DSL broadband, business services, wireless, and, finally, a traditional cable TV network. [...]

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