Investor Relations


Twelve acquisitions of complementary companies, products or technologies to supplement our internal growth were completed to date. The acquisitions served to expand our customer base, accelerate technological developments and build scale. Future acquisitions are not expected to be central to our growth strategy as the three acquisition goals of customers, technology and scale have been met. Our future growth will be focused on organic growth in emerging growth markets. Our historical acquisitions include the following:

Technology Acquisitions


Market Share Acquisitions

gluon February 2004
Switching and signaling gateway
   paradyne September 2005
Broadband access solutions
tellium November 2003
Metro optical transport
   sorrento July 2004
Metro optical access solutions
vpacket July 2002
   eluminant February 2003
Access and transmission products
xybridge February 2001

Nortel Networks Access Node

August 2001
Market-leading next generation DLC
roundview February 2000
IP and derived voice
   premisys December 1999
Integrated access solutions
optaphone February 2000
cag November 1999