SHDSL EFM Line Cards for MALC

SHDSL EFM Line Cards for MALC

802.3ah compliant SHDSL EFM Line Cards for MALC


The MALC SHDSL EFM line cards have been designed to deliver high-speed Ethernet services over SHDSL. The line card provides high-density, EFM-compliant SHDSL aggregation with advanced features such as Zhone's Multimedia Traffic Management (MTM) and fully integrated OAM features for advanced management of Ethernet lines. Supporting both 802.3ah EFM standards as well as Zhone's proprietary Ethernet bonding technologies, the MALC EFM SHDSL line cards are the most flexible Ethernet aggregation product available. This dual-mode of operation allows existing customers of Zhone's legacy IPD12000/4000 IPD DSLAM and SHDSL extenders (i.e. SNE2000 and ETHX-2100 series extenders) to continue to use these devices, while easily migrating to the MALC platform and the newer generation of 802.3ah EFM compliant Ethernet extenders (e.g. ETHX-3000, ETHX-3200, ETHX-3300, and ETHX-3400 series devices).

Available in four (4) different models, the MALC-EFM-SHDSL-24 line cards offer a wide array of deployment options. All MALC-EFM-SHDSL-24 line cards support TCPAM4, TCPAM8, TCPAM16, and TCPAM32 constellations and can provide symmetric bandwidth of up to 5.7 Mbps per SHDSL port. Furthermore, all models support the ability to bond up to eight (8) SHDSL ports together to increase the total bandwidth available to the subscriber. Finally, when operating in the standards-based, 802.3ah EFM mode, cross-card bonding is supported to maximize the use of all available SHDSL ports in a MALC chassis.

Extended rate models (i.e. MALC-EFM-SHDSL-24-NTP-EXT / MALC-EFM-SHDSL-24-NTWC-EXT) can also be provisioned to support TCPAM64 constellations to increase the available bandwidth up to 12.7 Mbps per port. TCPAM64 constellations are most useful in in-building and/or campus environments where loop plant conditions are generally cleaner and where CAT5 cabling can be made available to maximize the available SNR margins and minimize the effects of extraneous noise.

The MALC-EFM-SHDSL-24-NTP / MALC-EFM-SHDSL-24-NTP-EXT cards can each provide a network timing reference and line power. This allows an SHDSL CPE to derive timing from the input of the SHDSL lines and use that timing/clocking to provide timing to other subtended devices. The line power feature can be used to power up to twelve (12) CPEs devices (such as Zhone's SkyZhone) to eliminate the need for local power at these remote sites.

The MALC-EFM-SHDSL-24-NTWC / MALC-EFM-SHDSL-24-NTWC-EXT cards can each provide a network timing reference and wetting current.

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24-ports of G.SHDSL.bis via RJ21 connector
DB25 for Line Powering (NTP models)

Standards Support
ITU G.994.1 G.handshake
IEEE 802.3 Ethernet
IEEE 802.3ah Ethernet in the First Mile (2Base-TL)
IEEE 802.3ah OAM
IEEE 802.1Q/p

Protocol Support
Multicast IGMP v1 / v2
Host-based routing for per-interface single IP address assignments
Network-based routing for per-interface IP subnet address assignments
IP host and gateway support
DHCP server (RFC 2131, 2132), DHCP Relay
Bridging 802.1D support
VLAN 802.1Q support
Dense / sparse multicast support
Integrated access control and content protection

Configuration, provisioning, status, inventory and capacity information:
- Command Line Interface (CLI)
- Integrated WebUI
- ZMS Management via SNMPv2c for GUI
- OSS Gateway, Northbound Corba IDL and XML
- Out-of-band IP via 10/100 Ethernet or V.24 serial for async terminal

Up to 5.7 Mbps symmetrical (non-EXT models)
Up to 12.7 Mbps symmetrical (EXT models)

Regulatory Compliance
NEBS compliant, RUS listed
Safety: UL 60950 3rd edition, CSA 950 3rd edition, EN 60950, AS / NZS 3260, TS 001
Emissions: EN 55022A, CFR47 PART 15A (FCC)
Immunity: NEBS GR-1089-Core, EN 55024, EN 55082-1, T1.601-1992
Environmental: NEBS GR-63-Core, GR-487, ETS 300 019-2-x, ISTA
Network Certification: FCC Part 68, CTR-12, CTR-13, DOC CS-03, TSO 16, GR-57

Operating Requirements
Temperature: -40ºC to 65ºC
Non operating temperature: -40ºF to 158ºF (-40ºC to 70ºC)
Humidity: Up to 85%, non-condensing
Altitude: -200ft to 16,500ft (-60m to 5,000m)

Base Models
MALC-EFM-SHDSL-24-NTP 24 port EFM SHDSL line card with network timing and line power
MALC-EFM-SHDSL-24-NTWC 24 port EFM SHDSL line card with network timing and wetting current
Extended Rate Models
MALC-EFM-SHDSL-24-NTP-EXT 24-port EFM SHDSL (extended rates) with network timing and line power
MALC-EFM-SHDSL-24-NTWC-EXT 24-port EFM SHDSL (extended rates) with network timing and wetting current
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