CSU/DSU and Analog Modems



CSU/DSUs and Business Class Analog Modems

T1/E1 and Subrate CSU/DSUs

Zhone's intelligent, full-featured ACCULINK CSU/DSU multiplexer products provide an interface between customer-premise equipment (such as routers, front-end processors, video servers and digital PBXs) and T1/E1 and/or DDS transport networks thereby providing the capability to support fast, efficient, distributed applications including remote file sharing, tele-collaboration, and network "white boarding" in a cost-effective manner.

Business Class Analog Modems

Zhone's family of COMSPHERE analog modems are also designed to save time, money, and space while providing high data rates and a host of features in an easy to use platform. With support for advanced features such as Enhanced Throughput Cellular (ETC®), you can be assured of optimal data speed in both wire and wireless applications, in both standalone units and a variety of high-density space-saving enclosures.


  • Easy to cost justify, with cost-effective price points to maximize value and return on investment
  • Maximizes bandwidth usage with "on-the-fly" application bandwidth re-allocation, making it easy to re-allocate DS0s (64K time slots) on a per port basis
  • Maximize network availability by providing a "bird’s-eye-view" of the network access segment via the internal SNMP MIBs, traps, and alarming scheme
  • Straightforward to manage, exchanging SNMP traffic via an attached router, an external dial-up modem, T1/E1 service (in-band), and/or daisy chained units

T1/E1 and Subrate Digital Access Devices

Business Class Analog Modems