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Multi-Service - Entertainment

Zhoneís advanced All IP Multi-service product portfolio is ideally suited for any combination of broadband, voice and entertainment. At the core of any solution for Residential or Business is the broadband access network. Zhone products deliver a diverse range of fiber and copper capabilities in a single converged solution. The MXK Multi-Service Terabit Access solution helps set the foundation for enhanced service delivery by providing the optimal solution from the Edge-to-the-Core of the operatorís network.

Multimedia, Entertainment and IPTV has evolved to be one of the more exciting and challenging services to deploy. Zhone enables the operator to effectively build the foundation for the next-generation Interactive Communication network. The operator can now overlay IPTV and Entertainment service to provide a converged voice, data and entertainment service over any access medium. Zhoneís products and solutions have been tested for interoperability with a diverse range of video systems such as Head-end, Middleware, VOD and STBs. MXK is interoperable with video systems from vendors like Kasenna, Cisco, Thomson, Minerva Networks, Nokia Siemens Network, Pace and Amino.

Zhone's MXK and MALC platforms provide choices between a varied high bandwidth access technologies including GPON, Active Ethernet and xDSL for the delivery of Multimedia, Entertainment and IPTV services based on requirements and network topology of the service providers. Legacy DLC or NGDLC devices can provide voice and broadband data, but they are not suitable for video distribution. In order to offer video services, service providers must either provide multicast IP video over DSL with the existing copper network or deploy PON and then provide multicast IP video and/or RF video over it. MXK platforms support both RF and IP video over fiber, working seamlessly for PON or point-to-point IP video over copper.